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Climate Change and AuT


AuT and Climate Control


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Climate Change, not just CO2


Climate Change, not just CO2

Why is Venus uninhabitably hot while the earth is relatively mild? Not because it is closer to the sun, but because of its electromagnetic field is weak because of its slow rotation.

The most immediate problem for AuT is energy generation. That however is a very limited view of the impact of the science and another equally important problem addressable is global warming which is partially CO2, but it may well be too late to deal with CO2 and a more drastic solution might be required, something for which AuT is uniquely suited.

Plan B is exclusively be addressed by AuT. 

Many correctly state there is no second planet, no plan B. A truer statement has never been made, but climate change is a naturally occurring even as well as a result of overconsumption. AuT teaches how to harness the earth’s electromagnetic field.

There is a long road between the knowledge and its application, AuT provides a way to regulate the temperature of the earth faster than carbon removal and requiring less cooperation from an intransient population.

As a bonus the science will lead to better carbon removal technologies.

Science and Climate


AuT shows how gravity comes from the folding of space and how the resulting excess compression is “spewed” into space in what is typically referred to a pre-photons which creates the shield which, along with the earth’s spin, prevents the earth from overheating. CO2 poisoning aside, climate change is natural and cyclical. As I am fond of saying, “If you think global warming is scary, look at the results of global cooling.” 

Understanding of the process allows us to control the process. This will control the amount of spew from the earth and where it goes. Less precise methods are practiced and the cost of testing the model is not much higher than the costs of super colliders which are, scientifically, a waste of money since they depend on the standard model which is inaccurate. 

AuT technology can be used not just to combat global warming, it can also be used for global cooling. It is, in effect, a method of adjusting the thermostat around the earth by controlling natural phenomena using existing technology and the new science of AuT which explains it. Minor adjustments targeting specific locations can yield significant results as opposed to the random spew of the earth. It is also likely that this same science will be necessary when there is a polar shift which is both inevitable and imminent.

The continued development of AuT from its current theoretical state to practical applications is initially in the 1-3-million-dollar range. Building a thermostat for the planet using the relationship of gravity to the electromagnetic field that protects us will come at a price; but given the alternative, it might be justified as temperatures continue to rise or, worse still, begin to fall precipitously.

The CO2 problem and human stupidity:


AuT also deals with a misunderstanding of our place in the universe. AuT, being a pure model of thermodynamic and pre-thermodynamic change defines our place in the universe. AuT shows that our actions are controlled by specific, pre-thermodynamic features of the universe, in the words of physics, hidden variables. 

Attacking CO2 in the air is impractical except at the production level.  Less than 1% of the CO2 removed is permanently removed. The moderate levels of growth in the atmosphere create a false sense of security given that most of the CO2 is acidifying the oceans through absorption. Put more bluntly, governments are stupid, too stupid to see that humans are not only committing suicide but taking the rest of the planet with them.

Controlling human activity requires that we recognize that we are acting illogically and based on false assumptions. This problem is the easiest to deal with, the least likely to work, but is covered here.

A simple example is that it explains the origin of dimensional features (the big bang being a dimensional feature far down the line) in a way that does not eliminate something god-like, but does eliminate the concept of faith in human religion in one way while perhaps strengthening it in another. The elimination of faith is based on a pre-destined, purely math-based model that means our faith or lack thereof is not within our ultimate control. The strengthening of the concept is reflected in the fractal nature of the universe which means at some level, faith and superstition reflect some underlying fractal mathematics within the mathematically simple, but practically very complex framework which AuT sets out.

AuT defines this previously misunderstood environment where irony and therefore illogic in thought is a naturally occurring phenomena. Understanding this and where it comes from will allow us to better deal with root cause problems like over-population and misapplication of resources. Many of these problems can be tied to the prevalence of superstition over logic and having a system which defines the primary logic of the universe and its relationship to superstition and fables should allow us to focus on the problems better and to better understand the limits of faith. Unfortunately, the presences of anti-logic in the system is self-sustaining at the quantum level and our ability to overcome it requires a level of intellect that will repel many people and upset entrenched belief systems which will have uncertain and not necessarily positive outcomes.  Fortunately, the cost of this is very low and is easily absorbed in the cost of developing and publicizing AuT.

AuT and CO2 remova


 CO2 removal from the atmosphere happens every day, if it didn’t we would have killed ourselves a long time ago. It happens on land, but primarily it happens at the ocean. Most CO2 removal occurs naturally and at the ocean. The problem is that this is quickly acidifying the ocean (it could be called CO2 poisoning). 

New chemistry may allow for enhanced CO2 removal from the ocean using the science of AuT, but practically, such a result is less certain than the process of spew control.

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